Simon’s Says ~ from Alan

I enjoyed such a great breakfast at Simon’s today, with a wonderful assortment of friends old and new, that I didn’t have any time at all to write this week’s blog – not a bad thing, right?  So instead let me offer a series of links that speak to some of what we have been talking about and thinking about these past few weeks at church.

The first is from the SALT Project, an online collection of news and opinion pieces curated by a husband and wife team, one of whom I knew at Harvard Divinity School.  The article adds more light to the topic we addressed last Sunday on Pride in the Bible:

The next two speak to a question that has been rolling around in my mind, and perhaps yours, this past week:  What can we do about the mounting crisis at the Mexican border?  The way that the immigrant population is being treated is horrific, and the children unconscionable.  Both The New York Times and our United Church of Christ have published a number of ways you and I, in addition to contacting our congresspeople (in Connecticut, we know we have seven sets of sympathetic ears) and standing vigil in witness (there will be one such vigil in Chester the evening of July 12) can help.  And principal among them is to help provide bond funds to release those who are being detained.  The links will also be in Sunday’s bulletin, but here they are as well:

And finally, there are still two days left to have your contribution to next week’s Mission Trip for hurricane relief matched by 50%; we’ve published this multiple times, but here it is once more:

Blessings upon you all on this gorgeous late June morning.




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