The Villager Voice ~ from Alan

This comes a day earlier than usual, but I’m aware of the fact that we have only shared photos of last week’s Mission Trip via Facebook, and wanted all of you non-Facebookers to see all the work we did (and a bit of the play) on behalf of our United Church of Chester.
The first set of pictures shows the progression of our work:  we began by taking down ceilings and walls and pulling up floors, and continued by adding walls, putting in new insulation, sealing old sub-flooring and patching what wallboard could be salvaged.  We also performed major surgery on an outside wall as well.  As you can see, we put a lot of muscle and sweat into our work.  As one member of our Mission Team put it, “You don’t need experience to get the job done, just effort and enthusiasm.”   

The second set of pics is in the interest of full transparency:  it wasn’t all work and no play!  This was a wonderful, fun-loving and close-knit group, and during our off-work hours we refreshed and renewed in a variety of ways, as you can plainly see!

So thank you, thank you, thank you to one and all.  Whether you helped support us with a monetary contribution, or by your words of encouragement and endorsement, or by your prayers on our behalf, our trip was truly successful because our congregation and our community, family and friends were behind us all the way.  To a person, we are deeply grateful.

Alan, Lynette, Heather, Amelia, Molly, Jared and Sophie




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