Simon’s Says ~ from Alan

A little more than four years ago I stood at the navel of the universe.  This is what the ancients called the small Greek town of Delphi, on the slopes of Mt Parnassus about 200 km west of Athens.  Indeed, there is a conical stone (the omphalos) in the Delphic ruins which, according to myth, was thrown by Zeus himself, until it circled the earth and came to rest at the exact center of the world.  This is where Pythia, the oracle of the Temple of Apollo, would pronounce her visions.  The best known of her pronouncements (later attributed to Socrates) is “Know Thyself.”

At Cedar Lake last Sunday we spoke of Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well as it is described in the fourth chapter of John’s gospel.  In fact, we gave it a rather unusual treatment (if you missed it, you can find it here:  In her encounter with Jesus at Jacob’s Well, a Samaritan woman slowly comes to understand herself, her history, her motivations, her promise.  It is a rich story with a variety of facets.  So rich in fact, that we are going to revisit the story this week in a slightly more conventional manner.  But only slightly:  we will be using the lens of some of Emily Dickinson’s poetry to understand the story, and, I hope to see, to understand, and to know ourselves in the Samaritan woman’s encounter as well.

[And on a slightly different topic, a number of you have been asking about the summer’s sermons series about the 50th anniversary of 1969; these too can all be found under the “Sermons” tab on the church web page.]




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