Sunday Morning Worship 2.0
Or better… 

Over the past 5 months we’ve gotten pretty good about both producing and viewing our Sunday morning worship services.  Now it’s time to up our game!  A little bit, anyway…
Karli is doing something new this week – she posted two pre-recorded videos of her music.  As always, she will be explicit about instructions, but they are up now. My suggestion is to begin watching her videos right at 10:00 Sunday morning.  I’ll be watching with you, and when her part is finished we’ll make the transition.  Still, if you want to watch her video(s) earlier, go ahead, and then join us when I go live around 10:15 tomorrow.
Go it? Good!  So this is where the second learning opportunity comes in!  Facebook has reconfigured its look (but only, so far as I can tell so far, on PCs.  If you use a phone or tablet it should look the same).  On your PC or laptop, you’ll notice that our church page no longer has a section for “Posts,” which is how we have been accustomed to accessing worship.  My recommendation is to simply go to our main page and wait until it goes “Live” around the usual time, 10:15 or so.

Isn’t technology grand?
Here is the link to tomorrow’s bulletin, and to our Facebook page:
Sunday August 23 Bulletin
Link to FB




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