Last week I wrote about questions you all might be wondering about in these days when we are so tentatively connected.  At our most recent Deacons meeting, I heard a good (and deceptively simple) one:  How many folks have been tuning in to our Sunday morning on-line services?
A simple question, with, as it turns out, multiple answers.  I think back to a psychology professor I had in college, whose mantra, when it came to tabulating statistical research, was consistently, “It all depends.”
For example, during the live broadcast, a number appears next to a red-eye icon in the upper left corner of my screen.  This is supposed to show in real time how many people are watching live.  I can also see – when there is no solar glare on the screen – who is watching from their own Facebook page, whether or not you register your presence with a comment or a reaction.  The number of live viewers averages around 35-40 between 10:00 and 11:00 Sunday mornings.
But then there is the functionality that shows how many “engagements” each service experiences; an engagement is a one-viewer per computer count.  Naturally, this increases through the course of the week, since many of you wait until Sunday afternoon or later to view the service.  For example, last Sunday’s “engagements” (at this writing) stand at 106.  Not a bad reach!
Still, there is yet a third statistic, called “reach,” and this goes way beyond my Algebra II brain:  “reach” represents an algorithm that factors in how many people might be watching on each computer or device.  (“Factors in,” so far as I can tell, is a euphemism for “guess.”)  Again, last week’s 106 engagements somehow represent 258 people reached.  Even I can do simple division though, so I know this means 2.43 of you are watching for every one screen.
So to the Deacon who asked me that seeming simple question last week, here is my even simpler reply:  It all depends.

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