So which scares you more, Hallowe’en or Election Day?

The Rev. Don Remick, of the Southern New England UCC ministry staff, wrote a letter to pastors earlier this week titled “Election Exhaustion/Election Resilience;”  here is some of what he said to us:

“Our faith reminds us that we are in the world, but not of the world. It reminds us that we can love our country and what we believe our country can become, even as our deeper devotion is to God’s realm of love and justice… If we were not already exhausted enough in this ongoing pandemic world and this recent Covid surge, we are right on the cusp of the election.  Mail in, early voting and drop off ballots are at a new high.  Debates and ads and pundits fill the news cycle.  And who knows for sure where the latest ‘article’ or meme comes from on Facebook. And there is concern:  Will people feel safe and secure in their voting regardless of how they choose to vote?  How can we be supportive to our congregation and community as the Election Day unfolds?   What might happen following the election and how can our church be most helpful?”
And he goes on to list some resources for clergy and congregations.  I think many of us can identify with “election exhaustion;” and I pray that we can also find some “election resilience.”  I’m going to be talking about elections this Sunday with some assistance from my colonial predecessors – wish me luck!
I want to thank Karli for Wednesday’s hymn sing, it was a real delight!  And once again, viewers were attracted from a wide circle:  from Chester to Old Lyme to Southeastern Massachusetts to central Minnesota.  I hope you were able to catch some of it.  And as Karli reminded us, this Sunday is both All Saints Day and Communion.  I look forward to sharing it all with you this week.

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