Simon’s Says ~ from Alan

This will be my last blog post for a couple weeks, as I will be away the next few Fridays.  So to keep you all occupied and out of trouble, I’ve devised a scavenger hunt, of sorts, that will lead to this Sunday’s sermon topic.  The clues are all from this week’s readings in the 2019 UCC Lent Devotional.

From Monday’s Intercessory Prayer and Boundaries by Tony Robinson:

“In such prayer, we are placing those we care about in God’s hands - and relaxing our own grip... Ultimately, the congregation, the children, the students aren’t yours.  They are God’s... relinquishing your claim and asserting God’s calling upon God to be God.”

The prayer from Tuesday’s Unfinished by Quinn Caldwell:

“Show me my place in your plan, and set me free from my own expectations.”

From Wednesday’s Chocolate and Other Habits by Rachel Hackenberg:

“It’s about God’s work in Lent.  God’s miracles.  God’s judgments.  God’s promises.  God’s breath and flesh on earth.  God’s mystery and majesty in the heavens.”

From Thursday’s My Biggest Bucket by Marchaé Grair:

“It’s a spiritual practice to show up for someone... without making it about your own ego and own desire for a quick fix.”

From Friday’s My Soul Desire by Marilyn Pagán-Banks:

“Lent is about both emptying ourselves and offering ourselves as empty vessels.”

And the final clue (and you’ll need to leave the couch for this one) can be found posted on the church sign.

See you Sunday




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