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Because Jesus was known as a healer by those who knew him best - a healer of bodies as well as of souls - health and wellness have long been priorities of the church’s ministry.  This week I’d like to share with you the words of Don Remick, one of the three Bridge Ministers of the Southern New England Conference.  Don also wears a disaster preparedness hat, so his words are particularly timely and apt in the midst of the current world health crisis:

“It’s been a busy week since we first posted a blog on the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  In that time we have received a lot of resources and guidance.

 We’ve seen the impact on the stock market as fears spread along with new cases.  And while we know that like the annual flu, 80% of the cases are mild, we also know that some cases result in hospitalizations and we have seen the reports of deaths.  And, like the flu, we know that a person can be contagious before symptoms appear.

 And with all of this we know that our biggest resource is good information.  A number of new resources have emerged this past week and we have been collecting them for your use on a new Coronavirus Page on our Disaster Resources website.

Among those is a
Pandemic Preparations Checklist  for church preparation we developed. You’ll also find some guidance for churches from both our national UCC staff and from other sources, and links to the latest updates from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Again, as we said last week, we encourage our church leadership to get the information they need, plan for precautions around worship and community gatherings, be attentive to the most vulnerable within your congregation and community, and connect with your community response resources and plans. Stay alert.”

And don’t forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend.  The choir has some special music for us on Sunday, and it promises to make our lost hour of sleep well worth it!




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