The ultimate governing body of the United Church of Chester is the membership of the church assembled in a Congregational Meeting. A Congregational Meeting occurs at least twice each year. The Church Council (see description below) meeting on a monthly basis is the primary executive body of the church and along with the permanent boards and committees of the church (listed below), manage and conduct the work and ministry of the church.



The Pastor shall have charge of the spiritual welfare of the Church, and shall have under his or her supervision all services of public worship. The Pastor shall be ex-officio, an advisory member of all boards and committees.


The Moderator shall preside over all Church meetings and shall serve as the Chairperson of the Church Council.


Church Council
The Church Council shall consist of the chairpersons of every board and committee, the officers of the Church and the Pastor. The Council shall advise the Pastor in the administration of the Church and coordinate the life of the Church. The Council shall appoint committees at its discretion.


Board of Deacons (The Diaconate)
The Board of Deacons shall assist the Pastor in ministering to the spiritual needs of the Church and the community. The Deacons shall assist in Baptisms and in serving Communion. The Diaconate shall handle the membership rolls. Deacons shall visit the sick, the sorrowing, the indifferent and the stranger. The Diaconate is responsible for the form of worship services, making certain that all feel welcome within the church.


Board of Christian Education
The Board of Christian Education shall be responsible for the entire educational program of the Church. This board shall choose a curriculum and appoint teachers and other personnel required to fulfill the education program.


Board of Christian Outreach
The Outreach Board shall strive to create within our Church a Christian concern for people of all races and nations, at home and worldwide. Outreach shall seek to educate the membership of the Church in its responsibility for our Christian World Mission. This board shall study and interpret the mission work of the U.C.C. and the Church Universal.


Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees shall have charge of the financial affairs of the Church, and have responsibility for the care and custody of the church properties. The Trustees shall create a budget for the Church to be presented at the Annual Meeting.


There shall be two Auditors. They shall audit the accounts of the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary, examine their trust funds account, and append a copy of that audit to the Treasurer’s report for presentation at the Annual Meeting.


Church Clerk
The Church Clerk shall keep the record of all members of the Church, recording removals, deaths, baptisms and marriages. The Clerk shall give notice of all meetings that require such notice. The Clerk shall record all Council and general meetings.


Church Delegates
The Delegates shall represent the Church at various meetings of the Association, the Conference and the National Synod. Temporary Delegates may be appointed as needed, up to five persons.


Church Historian
The Historian shall keep records of interest to the Church from all available sources. The Historian shall make a report of the year’s events at the Annual Meeting.


Financial Secretary
The Financial Secretary shall receive all monies except on income from investments. The Financial Secretary shall deposit monies as directed by the Trustees and report receipts to the Treasurer.


The Treasurer shall, under the direction of the Trustees, have custody of all papers relating to the property of the Church. The Treasurer shall receive and record all income from investments and all monies received from the Financial Secretary, and shall record and pay all bills of the Church as approved by the Trustees. The Treasurer shall submit a report to be audited and submitted at the Annual Meeting of the Church.


Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall submit at the Annual Meeting a slate of officers and of replacements for committee and board members whose terms have expired. When vacancies occur between Annual Meetings, this committee shall submit to the Church Council a recommendation for a replacement to fill the vacancy.


Pastor-Parish Relations Committee
The Pastor-Parish Committee shall clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Pastor and the congregation, and provide a communication link for the Church. This committee shall advocate continuing education for the Pastor and encourage active participation in U.C.C. and ecumenical activity, and shall monitor the Pastor evaluation process and review the Pastor’s annual compensation. The Pastor-Parish Committee shall assist in start-up with new Pastors and in termination with departing Pastors.


Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship Committee shall educate the members in their role as good stewards. This committee shall be responsible for raising funds for the operation of the Church.


Ushers Committee
The Ushers are responsible for maintaining order, seating worshippers and receiving the offerings at regular and special services. Usher shall regulate parking and shall assist in any other manner the proper conduct of worship.


Managed Fund/Endowment Committee                                                                                                                                       The Managed Fund/Endowment Committee shall administer the invested funds of the church.




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