The Villager Voice ~ from Alan

I’ve got a prime seat at the Villager this morning.  From where I sit I can see the town Christmas Tree, which, along with a menorah, will be lit tonight in one of those moments when so much of the community comes together for celebration.  I can see pink and purple hearts already on the tree - I’ll have to look a bit closer at them later today to see what they signify.  And it strikes me that if I just stay right where I am, I’ll be able to watch the entire ceremony from the comfort of my corner table.  If the Villager were still open at 6pm, that is.

This will be one of those many occasions that speak to me of what it means to be a community.  The tree lighting and carol singing - last month’s Veteran’s Day parade, a nice seasonal bookend along with spring’s Memorial Day parade and ceremony - the Pattaconk/Rotary duck race - the Chester Fair (of course) - tomorrow’s Stuff-a-Cruiser and clutch of Christmas Fairs - and next weekend’s town-wide celebration of the Brian House’s 35th anniversary at the Leif Nilsson Gallery and Little House Brewing.  Add the fact that I’m having the hardest time writing this piece because of all the greetings and conversations engaging me this morning, and it connotes community with a capital C.

There’s an excellent chance I’ll see many of you tonight - and at tomorrow’s church fair - and who knows, perhaps even at Sunday worship.  Because these occasions, along with so many, many more, are what bring us together in the name of the common good.  To paraphrase an important line from one of Paul’s letters, may we always be about breaking down walls and building up community, in as many ways as we possibly can.

[Post script:  Turns out it was not the town tree I was looking at, but rather what appears to be a gratitude tree at the base of Spring Street - the pink and purple hearts hold both names and expressions of thanksgiving.  What a nice gesture - so thankful I took that closer look!]




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