Advent Blessings

We are coming up on the second Sunday of Advent this weekend, and already the blessings of the season are beginning to accrue.
Last Sunday’s service was certainly a blessing for us.  Lol Fearon’s message about waiting and hope was spot-on.  There aren’t many who can wed Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot) to Carly Simon (Anticipation) to the Jesus of John’s prologue, but Lol of course did so with deftness and dexterity.  And Karli’s music was just the right note (sorry) for the first of Advent – not yet too Christmassy, but enough to know it is coming.  As I said to them both, it was a blessing to be in the virtual pew for a change last weekend.
Our weekly Advent Bible Study is off to a good start as well.  Thursday’s conversation around the UCC’s daily devotions was rich and engaging, and I am grateful to the ideas that were shared around the table.  We were especially drawn to God’s nearness and how the incarnation helps us understand both God and ourselves.  There are still a few devotionals available if you haven’t picked yours up yet, and if you’d like to be part of the study group it’s not too late, just contact the church office and we will be sure you are included next week.
As you read in the latest Uniter, we are planning something special both for the weekend before Christmas and the weekend following; as soon as our plans are finalized we will share the details with you, but both offerings will be filled with music!  As the advertisers like to say, watch this space…
This Sunday’s theme will be Peace, fitting for the second Sunday of Advent.  It is also a communion Sunday, so be sure to have your cup and grain nearby for the sacrament, which is but one of the many blessings Advent brings to you and me.

Communion Sunday Bulletin 12.6.20
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