What an epiphany our nation witnessed on Wednesday January 6.  (Epiphany:  a sudden perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something.)  I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, and not simply the terror in the Capitol.  Just the day before, the state of Georgia sent to the Senate its first black Senator and, just for good measure, a Jewish millennial as well.  What a juxtaposition of images between Tuesday’s hope and Wednesday’s despair.

At first I thought I was going to have to take a 90 degree turn from the sermon I was writing for this Sunday.  But then it occurred to me that my text, Matthew’s story of the magi, supplied some surprising context – call it a sudden perception or insight -  into the week’s events.  So rather than jettison the work I had already done, I just needed to perform some recalibration.  But one of the pieces that had hoped to include, T.S. Eliot’s poem “Journey of the Magi,” didn’t make the cut.  Still, if you have the inclination, I encourage you to spend some time with it and consider the ways it opens up the biblical story.  You may find it here:  https://poetryarchive.org/poem/journey-magi/.

Nevertheless, I do think you’ll be pleased with the other poem that did make the cut.  I’m excited about sharing it with you Sunday.

Since there is not enough news for a January Uniter newsletter, below please find two other important items of interest to our congregation, along with links to the bulletin and Sunday service.

Sunday January 10, 2020 Bulletin
Link to Service

Notes from the church office:

  • 2021 Offering Envelopes and a note from the Financial Secretaries

Considering all the difficulties of the past year, the Council has requested that the Financial Secretaries mail out Quarterly Statements to Members and Friends who regularly contribute to the United Church. These will be mailed in April, July, and October, in addition to the regular Annual Statement in mid-January.  Envelopes for those who use them are on the table in Fellowship Hall. If you wish envelopes, and do not find them, contact Diane Lindsay or Mari in the office. We have ordered fewer envelopes than in past years, so numbers may have changed. You may mail contributions to: United Church of Chester, P O Box 383, Chester, CT 06412

  • Stewardship Update from the Stewardship Committee

Thank you so much if you have sent in your 2021 pledge. To date we have received sixty (60) pledges for a total of $88,964 toward our goal of $97,189.  Please remember that your pledges help the work of this church and help the Trustees to plan and budget.  If you do online banking, it’s easy to set up a monthly payment of your pledge with “Bill Pay”.  Set it up and you never miss a payment! Copies of the 2021 budget and pledge cards are available from the church office.   




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