Meteorological Spring Begins Monday!

Hey, we can always grasp at straws, right?  Who of us is not ready for spring to begin?  I’ve heard a number of folks say that this past winter has felt like a particularly difficult one between the natural inclination to stay cozy and warm at home during the colder months, and the isolation and quarantine brought on by Covid 19.  The past two days have brought the taste of spring, the sounds of birds heralding its advent, and the hope of renewal and a return to life before the pandemic.
Of course, we’re in a very different place than we were just a year ago, and we will less be returning to a familiar past and more likely living into a new new, and many are anxious to get there.  We see more and more folks getting vaccinated, restrictions are loosening and we are venturing out of our burrows like it is Groundhog Day, cautious of the shadow, but glad for the sunlight.  Given the cautious moving forward, the United Church’s Regathering group will be meeting to survey the landscape and begin to think about what a return to in-person worship might look like, and when.  I hasten to add that we are not in a hurry, and feel no pressure to be back together sooner than is safe, but it feels like a good time to do such an assessment.

This Sunday we are going to be spending time with Job, the person and the biblical book.  Job is a sprawling epic poem that plumbs some of the deepest questions of human experience.  I’ll be using John Edgerton’s Lent devotion from last Tuesday (What Not To Say) as a jumping off point, and it is such a rich text that we may need to stretch it out over two weeks; time will tell.  Here are the Sunday bulletin and the link to the service:

Sunday February 28, 2021 Bulletin
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