One Year

I’ve read it in a couple places this week; you may have as well:  “One year ago was our last normal week, and no one knew it.”  A glance at my calendar tells me how I spent that week:  a Deacons meeting, premarital counseling with a bride-and-groom-to-be (shades of Song of Songs!), coffee at a soon-to-open business in town called The Hive, my last Coffice Hours at Simon’s, a Rotary St Patrick’s celebration, and a cancelled surprise 30th birthday party for my younger daughter.  I also recall the last Sunday we worshiped together, March 15, I threw out the sermon I had written for the morning and spoke instead about the approaching pandemic and what a shutdown might look like.  At the time none of us had any idea how long it would last; I remember speculating that we might have to wait until Easter to be together again.  Last Easter, that is.  Obviously, my prophetic powers need sharpening.
We’re in the third week of Lent already.  Back in the day, Lent was a season to consider our sin, and our sins, as well as ways of redemption.  But sin doesn’t get as much press these days, probably because we’ve found softer ways of speaking about it:  separation from God, from our neighbors and from our best selves.  For this Sunday’s sermon on a particular manifestation of sin, I’ve been revisiting Dr. Karl Menninger’s classic work, Whatever Became of Sin? as well as British writer Henry Fairlie’s The Seven Deadly Sins Today.  I’ll be zeroing in on one of the seven deadlies in particular, the delightfully named acedie.  I’ll let you sleuth your own way to which of the seven this refers.  I’ll be pivoting off Phiwa Langeni’s March 5 devotion, “Freed Up,” as well as the two verses she cites from the nineteenth psalm.

Here are links to the bulletin and Sunday’s service:
Sunday March 7, Communion Sunday Bulletin
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