The world of religious and theological thought and practice lost a giant this week.  Hans Küng, for much of his life Professor at Germany’s University of Tübingen, was a Roman Catholic whose radical ideas (for the time) helped to shape that church, often to its own consternation.  Perhaps most notably, he was responsible for a large chunk of the Second Vatican Council, convened by Pope John XXIII in 1962.  Every one of Küng’s recommendations found their way, in one form or another, into the final Vatican II document.  His scholarship, in part, focused on the similarities between Protestantism and Catholicism, much of which earned the ire of the Roman Church.  Küng is the author of more than fifty books on various aspects of theology; perhaps his best-known, and likely most influential, are On Being a Christian and  Does God Exist?  If you’d like to learn more about Küng, his obituary is a good place to begin:
On a more personal note, I learned that two days ago, some of you received a text message, supposedly from me, asking you to purchase and send gift cards.  This is a scam, I would never send you a text or personal email asking for funds (outside our fall stewardship drive, that is).  This has happened to a number of my colleagues as well, and I have reported it.  I truly hope none of you sent anything to anyone as a result of this.
Our theme this Sunday will be familiar to anyone who has ever hosted a large family Easter dinner:  leftovers!  I’m going to pick up some thoughts and loose threads from Lent, Holy Week and Easter and weave them together for our reflection.
And finally, keep an eye out for the Uniter’s arrival next week; it will have lots of news about our May 2 Regathering for in-person worship.  Am I ever ready!

Here are the links to this week’s service and bulletin:

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