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Last Sunday’s sermon title, “Home at Last,” was borrowed from rock group Steely Dan, whose song of the same name is a musical representation of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey.  You can hear Odysseus’ story in the lyrics:  “Who wrote that tired sea song / set on this peaceful shore / You think you’ve heard this one before. / Well, the danger on the rocks is surely past / still I remain tied to the mast / could it be that I have found my home at last?”  If I had written that sermon before the pandemic, I would have played a snippet of the song for you so you could hear a musical representation of the story.  Though I must say, Diane Adams and Margie Warner did a wonderful job of evoking the day’s theme with their sterling rendition of “I’ll Fly Away.”  But we cannot play any recorded music in worship these days because we are broadcasting our services, and copyright laws forbid the use of licensed music without paying a royalty fee.  The only music we may broadcast is the music we make ourselves.

Fortunately, we have a talented clutch of musicians in our congregation, and have been enjoying their music once again since the beginning of summer, even though I do miss using the kinds of musical sermon illustrations we used to share.  Karli has done an excellent job of matching her music to the day’s theme, and thank goodness for that!  And I know we have all really enjoyed her occasional explanations of why she chooses her music every week.  It adds another layer, another dynamic, to our worship experience, one we all appreciate. 

Covid has not yet loosened its grip on us.  The recent surge caused by the Delta variant has reminded us that we still need to be careful about practices we once took for granted.  So it looks like it will be a little while still before our choir is able to return in full voice.  Consider this an invitation to share what musical gifts you might have in morning worship.  We welcome solos and duets, and encourage the instrumentalists in the congregation to share your gifts with us as well.  Even when our musical resources are limited by the virus, we can still make a joyful noise to the Lord!

Sunday August 15, 2021 Bulletin
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