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“Are the stars out tonight…”  Yes they are, and is our little village ever gussied up for the holidays, in preparations for tonight’s “Chester First Friday Holiday Night Art Stroll Tree & Star Lighting Celebration.”  By now you’ve almost certainly seen Christopher Owens’ stars around town, and you may even have one of them in your own yard.  (Christopher is also the one who constructed and donated the heart that has been lit in our window for more than a year now, and rumor has it that our church may even be sporting a star or two before the night falls.)
So much of this holiday time is about light, and understandably so.  The Hannukah story is about the miraculous lamp whose oil lasted for eight consecutive nights during the Maccabean Revolt.  Our Advent wreath represents the increasing need for light at a time when the world is growing darker at the approach of the winter solstice.  And Christmas is aligned with the festival of Sol Invictus, the “unconquered sun,” a few days after the solstice when the ancients could begin to perceive the lengthening of days.  And so of course our churches are ablaze with light at our Christmas Eve service.
As you and I prepare to welcome “the light of the world,” we remember that much of the world remains in a dark place.  The pandemic is consistently (and annoyingly) reminding us that it is far from over, and millions continue to perish as a result.  It has also successfully revealed the divisions among us, divisions that people of good will are able to remedy, though not without effort, and certainly not without hope and, yes, light.  So may we too be a light to the world in this, and every season.
And, speaking of light, there remain two opportunities to light the Advent Wreath, Sundays December 12 and 19.  Please let Alan or Mari know if you would like to do so.  And don’t forget our Carol Sing this Wednesday December 8 at 4 pm on our Facebook page.

Here are the links to Sunday’s bulletin and service.

December 5, 2021 Communion Sunday Bulletin
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