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To paraphrase a line from “Brigadoon,” the mist of March is in the gloamin’.  I was up early this morning, and as Circe and I walked through the dense fog along the coast, the nearly-full moon burned through the mist to help illumine our stroll.  I later read that the moon will be full tonight - apparently it is called the Worm Moon.  It reminded me that the first day of spring is not until next week, which is why Easter - the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox - is so late this year.  This weekend is only the third Sunday in Lent.  But it is a gorgeous spring-like morning, and there is a definite warm weather/let’s all get outside vibe here in the center of town.  I think we’re all jonesing to celebrate the loosening of restrictions…

…and, as predictable as clockwork, another Covid variant has raised it head.  Deaths, hospitalizations and infection rates are down - for now - and masking is optional nearly across the board, although many of us are reluctant to doff them completely.  Still, we are hopeful.  Our church’s Regathering group is meeting (virtually) this weekend to consider our response to current conditions, and we’ll share any updates with all of you at the top of the week.  We intend to remain careful and to keep the safety and well-being of the most vulnerable - both our oldest and our youngest - in the forefront of our thinking.

As we are inching our way back to the way things once were, we are so pleased that the choir is returning to our worship services.  They will be masked and distanced, but it will be a real delight to welcome their voice.  We will hear them on Maundy Thursday, and beginning Easter Day they will be singing weekly.  We may not be singing them during Lent, but we can surely shout an ‘Alleluia’ or two at the news.

Finally, don’t forget to mark your calendar and invite your friends to the April 3 performance of the Essex Piano Trio in our sanctuary at 3:00, and feel free to take a poster or two and spread them around the area.  One of the things I have missed most about the past two years is listening to live music, and this will be a great opportunity to get back into it.

Sunday’s bulletin and the link to our service are here:

Sunday March 20, 2022 Bulletin
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