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Since it’s Friday, my dear Aunt Ruth, my father’s older sister and also my godmother, is getting ready to head to Meriden’s soup kitchen at the First Baptist Church.  Ever since the kitchen opened, Aunt Ruth has been a fixture there in the kitchen, preparing and serving meals.  On occasion, she has even permitted me to accompany her.  Spry, engaging and full of life, she also accompanied us on our all-family vacation to Plymouth last month to witness the baptism the newest member of our extended family.  She is a great conversationalist and wise to the ways of the world.

My grandmother - Aunt Ruth’s mother - loved the Queen.  She never failed to catch her on television, and her home was strewed with all manner of books and special edition magazines that featured Elizabeth II.  It stood to reason, since Grandma Froggatt was born and raised in England, emigrating to the states in the late 19-teens.  So Aunt Ruth was raised in that royalty-loyal home.  But it never occurred to me until yesterday afternoon that among the reasons my grandmother was so enamored of the Queen is that her first-born - Aunt Ruth - was born the same year as Elizabeth.  That really struck me as I was reading through the obituaries.  While the rest of the world marvels at Elizabeth’s longevity and the seeming perdurance of her reign, all I need to do is think of my aunt who is still going strong - and engaging in community - and active in her church - and vacationing with 25 other family members spanning four generations - and I am impressed by the hardiness of the English stock.  God bless the Queen of England, and long live Aunt Ruth.

Don’t forget our all-church picnic after worship this Sunday - it’s a BYO picnic and celebration of the new church year.  And on an administrative note, Sally Marston, the UCC’s Parish Admin, will be on vacation next week, so the mellifluous voice answering the phone will be mine.

Here are the links to the bulletin and Sunday’s service (yes, we figured out last week’s glitch, so keep your fingers crossed)

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