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Earlier this week, the UCC Daily Devotional reflected on the idea of rest, and sabbath.  “Radical Rest Taking,” Phiwa Langeni called it.  She recalled her childhood, when her family observed the Friday/Saturday sabbath, only then to run into the Sunday “day of rest” observed by nearly all her friends.  It turned into an entire weekend of pause for her.  And while she lamented it at the time, in retrospect, she appreciates the idea of sabbath rest as it fits into our otherwise busy and crowded lives.

We are in the midst of our Jewish sisters’ and brothers’ High Holy Days, nestled between last Monday’s Rosh Hashanah (the New Year) and next Wednesday’s Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).  It is, among other things, a time for pause and reflection, more precisely, introspection.  So yes, we may consider this a sabbath as well.  And we may well want to take a page from the Jewish calendar and consider the value of pause and introspection for ourselves.  How often do we make the time for rest and relaxation?  Usually, if there is a hole in our calendars, the impulse is to fill it.  But there is a good deal of value in what we revealingly call “down time;” I would rather call it “found time,” because we may do with it what we will, and sometimes what we could best fill that time with is nothing.  Go for a walk.  Gaze at the skies.  Listen to the wind.  Talk to God.  Even God rested, Genesis tells us; we have permission to do the same.

As Langeni prays at the end of her reflection, “Pull us away from productivity.  Stir us into stillness.  Nudge us toward nap time.  Caress us into your care.  Remind us to rest… and repeat.”

This Sunday we celebrate World Communion.  We have resumed passing the bread and cup in worship, but the option remains to bring your own water and grab some oyster crackers if you feel more comfortable that way.  The links to the bulletin and service are here:

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